Supply-chain issues and an ongoing labour shortage have intensified the need to automate more aspects of production.

Automated adhesive dispensing systems, such as tape dispensing automation, can solve these challenges while improving product quality, productivity and throughput.

How do automated taping systems improve product quality?

Tape dispensing robotics and automation offers similar and most often, better performance than their human counterparts, and help to improve:

  1. Consistency: Impervious to fatigue, the repeatability and consistency offered by tape dispensing automation is a key benefit that leads to better quality, every time, due to decreased human error.
  2. Precision: Robots can be programmed for accuracy down to the millimetre; they also have a greater ability to accurately and evenly dispense adhesives in the form of tapes and foams. Exact patterns can be guaranteed by this inhuman spatial awareness.

Many automated taping systems, such as the RoboTape™ System for 3M™ tape, can also be seamlessly integrated into your existing production process. The RoboTape automated taping system can be integrated onto any small or large industrial robots or cobots.

How do automated taping systems increase productivity and profitability?

An automated adhesive dispensing system helps improve precision, consistency and quality, thus reducing product losses from human error. Better product quality and consistency lead to fewer customer complaints, increased customer satisfaction and a better reputation.

Robotic tape applicators also eliminate the need to manually measure and cut individual pieces of tape on high volumes of packaging or products, which speeds up production and helps eliminate bottlenecks in your production line. 

And because a robot dispenses the right quantity of tape, or foam, every time, you’ll reduce material waste, thereby reducing your consumables costs. Between inefficiencies and consumables, it’s estimated that the manufacturing industry wastes $8 Trillion per year. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your costs per unit produced, a robotic tape dispensing system could be a good solution.

Specialized labour skills are also extremely hard to find these days, so using an automated process wherever possible lets your highly-skilled workers focus on more complex areas of production. Tape dispensing robots are also easier to use than you might think, so training and onboarding processes can be a breeze.

Do more with less

At the end of the day, process automation enables organizations to do more with less in less time. If your process involves the manual application of tape or foam, and you can’t keep up with demand; need to reduce the cost per unit produced to stay competitive; or need to improve product quality and consistency, you may be a good candidate for the RoboTape™ System for 3M™ Tape.

A complete robotic solution to apply foam, felt and attachment tape, the RoboTape robotic adhesive dispensing system is capable of managing large bulk spools for continuous run time with no operator interaction. Its cut-to-length system reduces inventory and simplifies production, while complex geometry — such as curves and profiles — are achieved with a standard applicator tool. 

To learn more about the RoboTape robotic tape dispensing system, or for more cost-effective solutions to your production challenges, visit the RoboTape website.