Frequently Asked Questions

What is RoboTape?

RoboTape is a state-of-the-art, advanced automation system designed for applying a variety of adhesive foam, felt and double-sided attachement tapes. It consists of two main components, the RoboTape Head and the RoboTape Payout which work in harmony to deliver and install tape efficiently.

How does RoboTape work?

RoboTape utilizes a level wound spool of tape installed on the RoboTape Payout. The RoboTape Head acts as the end effector mounted to a robot or cobot and peels the tape from its liner, cuts the tape to length and presses the tape onto the part with a pre-set pressure.

What are the benefits of integrating a RoboTape system to a production factory?

Introducing the RoboTape system offers significant benefits, including enhanced efficiency and precision in the taping process, reduced labor costs, improved safety, and the ability to handle a variety of tapes and part geometries. It also allows for customization to specific applications, ensuring consistent high-quality output.

Can RoboTape be integrated with any industrial robot?

Yes, RoboTape is designed to be compatible with a wide range of industrial robots and cobots, allowing for flexible installation and operation.

What types of tapes can be used with RoboTape?

RoboTape is versatile and can handle various tapes, including but not limited to EPDM, vinyl, neoprene and polyurethane foam tapes, double-sided attachment tapes, felt and BSR and a variety of electrically conductive or insulated tapes.

Is RoboTape suitable for high-volume production?

Absolutely. RoboTape is engineered for efficiency and precision, making it ideal for high-volume production environments.

Based on past use cases, a single RoboTape system can apply more then 500,000 meters of tape per year, saving 3,800 hours of labor annually when compared to an equivalent manual taping processes.

How does RoboTape ensure precision in tape application?

RoboTape is equipped with advanced control systems that allow for precise tape placement. The overall precision of RoboTape is primarily influenced by several factors:

  1. the positioning accuracy of the robot;
  2. the speed of application;
  3. the tolerances of the tape itself;
  4. the inherent precision of the RoboTape unit during tape application.

Specifically for RoboTape, the axial precision is ± 1.0 mm, and the lateral precision is ± 1.0 mm. Considering various application scenarios, taping speeds, robot models, and tape characteristics, our team can analyse the proposed application and provide feedback.

Can the system be customized for specific taping requirements?

Yes, RoboTape offers customization options to cater to specific taping requirements and adapt to various production needs.

A typical example is that RoboTape offers dozens of different tip and wet-out arm options, with various widths and geometrical shapes to suit different parts. Additionally, we can develop customized tips and wet-out arms/rollers for your specific parts and application scenarios.

What kind of maintenance does RoboTape require?

RoboTape is designed for low maintenance. Regular checks and basic upkeep, as outlined in the user manual, are sufficient to maintain its optimal performance.

Can RoboTape provide a turnkey solution or other complete automation solutions?

Yes, we can, complex work cells are developed through our parent company, Innovative Automation, which boasts over thirty years of experience in the field of industrial automation. Featuring extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing of turn-key automation equipment, Innovative Automation is always ready to tackle even the most challenging of projects.

What is the warranty period for RoboTape, and how can we obtain technical support?

For the RoboTape unit itself, we offer a one-year limited warranty. For all consumables, we provide reasonably priced spare parts for purchase. For customers in North America, we offer online technical support and on-site services. For users elsewhere globally, our local distributor network will provide technical support.

Where can I purchase RoboTape or get more information?

For purchases or more information, please contact 1-888-733-3396 or visit

Does RoboTape supply tape?

No, RoboTape does not supply tape, however we work with many tape converters experts and even have a collaboration with 3M. We can help get you in contact with the most suitable converters based on your tape’s manufacturer.

Do you have local agencies/authorized resellers in my area?

RoboTape is currently partnered with companies in the EU and Japan and can provide local support at your facility. If you are located outside of North America, EU or Japan, RoboTape will personally support you wherever you are located.

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