RoboTape: Tape Better, Faster, Smarter

The industry’s most advanced way to tape.


RoboTape improves your cycle times and decrease downtime to deliver the efficiencies needed to run your operation better.  You are running a modern business. Time to tape that way.


Supercharge your throughput to meet and surpass your production targets with automated taping. Improve quality and reduce recalls and rework by laying tape with precision and performance every time and all the time.


Deploy your workforce to value-generating tasks and reduce repetitive strain injuries. RoboTape is more than an automated tape dispenser. It’s a game-changer for your automatic manufacturing operation.

How does it work?

Tape Automation System

For decades manufacturing companies have been innovating product design by replacing mechanical fasteners with 3M tapes and adhesives. Today, manufacturers continue with those and other innovations by improving their assembly processes to take advantage of digitization and automation.

The possibilities are endless with our 3M taping machines! Our pre-configured tape automation system offers speed, quality, and efficiency of assembly with 3M tape at scale. 

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