Introducing an all-new Robotic Taping System

RoboTape is a comprehensive system for feeding & installing adhesive-backed foams, felts and attachment tapes.

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Automatic Tape System


A new standard for tape application.

Tape application has been a predominantly manual process that was strenuous, inconsistent and repetitive. RoboTape solves those issues with a thoughtfully designed product capable of so much more.

robotape automatic feeding system

Remote Feeding System

Enables Seamless Integration.

RoboTape’s proprietary remote feeding system enables seamless integration into existing production systems or new cell layouts. This allows spools to be positioned outside the safe zone, opening new possibilities for cell design.

Flying Spool Change

Achieves continuous, uninterrupted production.

While housing and feeding spools of bulk material over 1,800m, the bulk spools can also be replaced in mid-production to fulfill continuous, uninterrupted production goals with a decreased need for operator interaction.

robotape automatic feeding system

Lightweight Tape Apply Head

Handles complex contours and geometry.

A slim and versatile tape apply head can tackle applications with complex geometry and contours on a wide variety of parts. The tape apply head can be fixed or robotically mounted to suit various applications.


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