RoboTape: The Automatic Tape System

RoboTape is a patented automatic tape system designed to handle repetitive and demanding tape applications.

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Developing RoboTape

Innovative Automation

Since 2018, the talented research and development team at Innovative Automation has focused on developing RoboTape, a turn-key comprehensive system for feeding and installing adhesive-backed foams, felts and attachment tapes.

RoboTape replaces a predominantly manual, inconsistent and repetitive process with a carefully designed product that reduces manual labour, re-work, work-in-process inventory, and increases digitization and production throughput. Its flexible design can be integrated onto most small and large industrial robots or cobots from various robot OEMs to match customer preferences.

robotape automatic feeding system


Proprietary remote feeding system.

The payout is a sleek and compact machine standing only 900mm wide, 575mm deep, and 1,300mm high, with an integrated control system, HMI and pneumatics.

To decrease operator interaction, RoboTape houses and feeds spools of bulk material in excess of 1,800m. A zero-downtime flying roll change system allows material spool replacement while in mid-production to fulfill continuous, uninterrupted production goals.

Our proprietary remote feeding system can integrate into existing production systems to create efficiencies and solve production challenges, or new cell layouts to improve workflows, automate processes, combine part-variants and build future flexibility.

Application Head

Tape Application Head

A slim, versatile tape application head can tackle applications with complex geometry and contours on a wide variety of parts, and its sleek and lightweight design allows it to reach difficult-to-access areas with precision and repeatability.

The tape application head has the option to be fixed or robotically mounted to suit various applications. Automotive, architectural, industrial, medical, and consumer goods are just some industries that can benefit from this specialized system.



RoboTape Payout Specifications

RoboTape Applicator Specifications