Adjusting the Blade Height

Learn how to quickly adjust the tip cut blade height. The height should be tested and adjusted each time the blade is replaced.

How the Feed System Works

Tape feeds through the flexible feed system to the head. See it in action here and learn how easy it is to rethread the system.

Adjusting the Tape Speed

Speed of tape feeding can be quickly adjusted on the built-in touch screen HMI. Simply change the percentage based values to increase tape feeding.

Tape Splice Method

Creating a robust splice joint is important for the system. Utilizing the high-tack splice tape available from RoboTape, see how easy it is here.

Double Sided Tape Splice Method

Double-sided splice joints can be made in minutes with RoboTape’s high tack splice tape. Just follow these simple instructions.

Spool Change Process

Changing a bulk spool is a quick process and can be tackled while the machine is running. A well trained operator can complete the process in 60 seconds.


Features and Benefits of RoboTape

Packed full of useful features, the RoboTape system is designed to make your life easier. Learn about the features here.

Foam Application Examples

The sleek RoboTape head can manuever around and through a variety of common obstacles on parts. See it in action here.

3M VHB Application Examples

3M VHB can now be applied in new ways. This video reveals some of the complex geometry that can be tackled to acheive new designs.

The RoboTape Lite Cell

The RoboTape Lite cell features a small, compact and mobile base frame coupled with a collaborative robot. The fastest path to tape automation.

Felt Application A/B Fixture Cell

An example of an adhesive felt application for a Tier 1 automotive customer. A/B fixture slides keep the robot working for maximum efficiency.

Features and Benefits (Short)

A short version of our RoboTape feature video covering all the important points that make the system what it is.

RoboTape for Yaskawa

Industrial robots such as Yaskawa Motoman can be utilized in guarded work cells to acheive high throughputs.

Service Hole Cover Taping

An example application of an automotive service hole cover, commonly used in door assemblies to seal out dust, noise and moisture.